The New Mexico Literacy Institute (TNMLI) collaborates with strategic partners to design and fund high-leverage literacy initiatives. Our mission is to ensure that all children in New Mexico have the opportunity to learn to read at or above grade level by the end of 3rd grade. Our work is distinguished by our deliberate focus on measuring the impact of our work across a variety of metrics, and with a focus on student reading outcomes. Our partner schools, districts, communities, and other literacy organizations constitute what we call a coalition of the willing. This means that our partners have demonstrated their commitment to the vital and intensive work required to measurably increase reading proficiency.

Our partners commit to a multi-year reciprocal relationship with TNMLI and our service providers. All parties involved in this work have a realistic, long-term view of what it takes to achieve sustained 3rd grade reading proficiency. There is no quick fix. This work requires meaningful changes to assessment and instruction. Those changes necessitate responsive professional development, skilled coaching, and systems-level changes.

TNMLI carefully selects partners who understand that we are investing in them with the expectation that our partners will sustain these changes over time.