What We Believe

ALL children are capable of learning to read and deserving of the support and opportunity to succeed.

New Mexico families know that a quality education provides a gateway to personal fulfillment, acheievement, self-respect and rewarding work, and therefore expect their children to learn to read.

Teachers are devoted to the success of their students and families, and are hungry for research-based instructional tools and assessment support.

Research over decades

provides a clear understanding of how skilled reading develops and how to teach all children, including struggling readers, to read.

Despite this research,

there is evidence that most colleges of education do not adequately prepare educators to teach or assess foundational reading skills.

The gap between reading

research and teacher and principal preparation practices gives rise to instructional and assessment practices and curricular choices that are not always aligned with how children’s brains acquire reading skills, and results in low grade-level literacy rates. Research shows that students who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade DO NOT catch up.

The New Mexico Literacy Institute

is committed to improving 3rd grade literacy rates by providing a bridge between reading research, classroom practices and literacy frameworks for students, families, and teachers.