Partner Districts

Roswell Independent School District

TNMLI’s inaugural partner district is Roswell Independent School District in Southeast New Mexico. Our work in Roswell is also in partnership with The May Center for Learning. This project is large in scope. TNMLI and The May Center are integrating strategic consulting at the district level with teacher training and coaching at the classroom level. All parties involved in this project are committed to fortifying and deepening RISD’s on-going shift to fully evidence-based literacy practices, with the goal of sustained 3rd grade reading proficiency.

This work began in the Fall of 2022 when TNMLI and The May Center collaborated with RISD leadership to conduct a comprehensive literacy needs assessment. This included interviews with 45 administrators and teachers from general education through special education. We provided the district with a report that reflects what they identified as strengths and areas of need. We then worked with the district to identify short, medium, and long-term priorities.

TNMLI, The May Center, and RISD are engaged in an on-going thought partnership related to reading assessments and instructional materials; alignment of curriculum with priority standards and the district report card; prioritization of targeted professional development; provision of change implementation support to schools; and identification and de-implementation of practices and curriculum that do not meet the needs of teachers and students.

Additionally, 12 full-time teachers applied for and were selected to participate in an intensive literacy training and practicum. Upon successful completion, the teachers will have the advanced reading specialist designation of Certified Academic Language Therapist.

TNMLI is collecting data about the impact of training and coaching on participating teachers’ knowledge and practices and district-level changes. Over time, we will be able to associate these changes with anticipated changes to 3rd grade proficiency levels.